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When you hug first time in your life to your soul mate, you feel that you got all over the world. You feel like you live your whole life in just that moment.

First hugs of life to everyone means a lot and no one will forget that moment because those moments are so special in life. You feel like you love to live a whole life in those moments.

No one will describe in words that how special those moments of the first hug for them. They just feel it. Hug day is a special day for each and every soul mate, a romantic couple, a crime partner, a romantic partner, a love who feels a love when they hug each other.

As for me, every day is a hug day for me. I am thankful to my partner, my love, my wife for being such a part of my life.

Hug Day Quotes, SMS, text, image for WhatsApp status

·         We feel loving, when we get a hug from our love.

·         We feel safe, when you get a hug from your soulmate.

·         We feel careful, when we get a hug from a big brother or sister.

·         We feel blessed, when we get a hug from our parents, our elders, our teachers.

·         We feel crazy, when we get a hug from our best friends, the best part of our life.

Hug Day Quotes, SMS, text, image for whatsapp status

Hug Day Special New Whatsapp Status Video

So, as you may get an idea of what is the importance of a hug day. How will you feel those feelings on a hug day?

A hug is a very special day of valentine's week. A day is coming on 12th February, every year.

Hug Day Quotes, SMS, text, image for whatsapp status

Hug day wishes and greetings


·         Hug makes everything better than 1000 words…

·         When I get a hug from you, I feel safe in your arms. When you hug tight, I feel so much love from you. You are so special to me. Happy hug day my love.

·         Hug is a morning tea for me, when I wake up every day I get a hug from you each day and I feel so much love. Thank you for being my life partner.

·         When you hug me tight, I feel crazy and my crush is being increased on each tight hug. Happy hug day my sweetheart.

·         When you hugged me the first time, I feel so much love. I live my whole life in that one hug. Thank you for that special hug.

·         Doses of your hugs is a medicine of my heart. In a day, 3 times a hug from a soul mate, prescribes by my heart.

·         Your hugs are so special for me like the breath of my life. Thank you for giving me that.

·         A feelings of a hug from love never will be describable. Thank you for giving me that.

·         I feel in heaven, when I am in your arms when you hug me tight.

·         In your arms, I get so many dreams in my eyes. Thank you for a special hug.

·         A hug is an answer, even if the question is unknown.

Hug Day 2019 tips & tricks For Boy

Mostly all the boys are waiting for this day because all the boys are awaiting a special hug from their loved ones. So, friends get ready for it. You can celebrate this day with some gifts for a loved one. I have one idea for you, first, send the good morning wishes on WhatsApp or SMS and then send your feelings for hug day in a text message to your loved one or says in worlds face to face and get a special hug from your loved one.
·         Laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching.
·         No matter where you are, I’ll always find my way to hug you tight and shower you with my kisses!!!
·         I love you more today than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow. Happy hug day sweetheart.
·         A hug is a handshake from the heart. So, always remain close to my heart.
Huge Day 2019 tips & tricks For Boy

Hug Day 2019 tips & tricks For Girl

Hello girls, We know that all girls feel safe in her soul mates arms in a hug and we also know that how much this day is so important for you all. We have something for you, just say I love you to your love partner and just wait for the next moment and he will hugs you very tightly and you just enjoy those moments, special moments of your life.
·         Hugging is a silent way of saying, “you matter to me”
·         If you hesitate when I hold your hand, I will let you go. If you run away when I give you a kiss, I will let you go. But, once you let me give you a hug, just once, I will never let you go.
·         I was hugging my pillow tight till I saw the light. I am happy I made it through the night for hugs you very tight.
Hug Day 2019 tips & tricks For Girl

Hug Day 2019

Hug Day 2019

Hug Day 2019

Hug Day 2019

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