Good Morning Whatsapp messages

Good Morning Whatsapp messages

Good Morning Whatsapp messages

Life is like music. It has high notes & low notes. No mater how high or low ur notes may be, keep in tune with best friends you'll never go out of tune in the music of life. Hv Great DaY Ahead..

May God send his love like sunshine in his warm and gentle ways to fill every corner of your heart and give ur day a good start.

"In life, we all hv an unspeakable secret,
An irreversible regret,
An unkept promise,
An unheard request,
An irreplacable loss,
An unreachable dream
An unforgettable first love..
still, life is about being happy anyhow
... coz evrything in life can be summed up in just 3 words-
Hv Great DaY Ahead..

Good Morning Whatsapp messages

Don't work too hard 2 give yourself D best of everything, instead make a greater effort 2 give God D best of yourself. Good Day

It's nt D presence of some1 that brings meaning 2 Life. But D way Some1 touches ur HEART gives LIFE a Beautiful Meaning.

In God's eyes, love is never absent. In God's heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In God's embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten. God Bless! Hv Great DaY

Search 4 truth & U shall find beauty.
Search 4 beauty & U shall find love.
Search 4 love & U shall find God.
Search 4 God & U shall hv them all!
Hv Great DaY

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